Pakistan's Saad Haroon grabs 2nd place at global 'Laugh Factory' competition



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14/10/28  LAHORE – Pakistani English language standup comedian Saad Haroon won the second place at the prestigious Laugh Factory international competition held in Las Vegas, United States of America. The competition featured several participants from across the world and only five made it to the finals. One of them was Saad Haroon posing with the glowing Pakistani flag who eventually went on to secure the second place in the international competition. This is the first time for a Pakistani comedian to make it to the finals. The peculiar wit and humorous jokes based on original experiences had won Saad several praises since the beginning.

For Pakistan, Saad is a familiar face who has been a part of several comedy shows on television.

The winner of the competition is Finland’s Ismo Leikola. Mustapha El Atrassi of France held 3rd place, Nitin Mirani of UAE 4th, Archie of Spain 5th while Lioz Shem Tov of Israel secured 6th place.