Two FC men among 4 killed in Khyber Agency blast



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14/11/04  PESHAWAR - At least four people including two security personnel were killed and two others wounded in a blast in Khyber tribal region of Northern Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. According to security officials, a joint gathering of security forces and peace committee members was targeted in Painda Cheena area of Zakakhel market. The officials confirmed that two security personnel and two peace committee members were killed in the attack. The rescue personnel shifted the injured including a security personnel to a nearby hospital. A search operation went underway as security forces immediately cordoned off the area. Meanwhile, at least two more security personnel were injured when another blast occurred in Zakakhel shortly after the first one. The security forces were targeted when they were shifting the victims of the first blast, media reported. Security forces arrested ten suspects during the search operation after the blast. Khyber is one of Pakistan`s seven semi-autonomous regions governed by tribal laws and lies near the Afghan border. The attack targeting security forces came at a time when Pakistan military is undergoing operations `Khyber One` in Khyber and `Zarb-e-Azb` in North Waziristan tribal regions against the foreign and local militants.