Thar: Patients face trouble at hospitals due to no electricity



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14/10/29   CHACHHRO Despite availability of electricity at Khensar, city of District Dhali in Tharparkar, the main hospital of Tharparkar still remains devoid of electricity for the past one year whereas patients coming from 35 villages of Thar face problems due to lack of electricity. Talking to child Specialist Khensar Hospital, Dr. Saleem Rahmo rejected the claim of chief minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah that children are dying of poverty rather than famine. He revealed that majority of the children are suffering from malnutrition and are dying of hunger and scarcity of water. Medical Superintenden (MS) Dr. Jalil Chandio while talking to it has been over a year that electricity has not been restored in the hospital by the government officials. Patients coming from villages are suffering the scorching heat all day.

He further stated that there is not a single drop of water in hospital as two tube wells supplying water to the hospital have become completely dysfunctional. Higher authorities had been informed of the situation a year ago but nothing has been done so far, he added.

Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) of Khensar Hospital treats more than hundred patients a day whereas the patients have to buy water for themselves.