Chevy drops Volt base price by $1,000 for 2012, makes saving the world slightly more affordable



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11/06/11  Chevy wants to know what it can do to get you into one of its plug-in hybrids today. A $1,000 price drop? You got it. The carmaker announced this week that the 2012 Volt base price will come in a grand lower than its predecessor, thanks to the sorts of additional configurations that come with increased availability. The 2011 version was available in seven states and the District of Columbia and came in three configurations -- 2012's Volt is available nationwide in seven different packages, ranging from $39,995 to $46,265. And keep in mind that those prices don't factor in potential tax credits. The latest version of the plug-in vehicle is available now for order and offers up features like MyLink media streaming, OnStar driving directions, and passive locking (though the new base model does strip away a couple of features found in its predecessor). Also there's the whole lessening your dependence on gasoline, if you're into that sort of thing.