Thai soup



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11/05/31  Ingredients:

Chicken breast pieces 2, winger 2tbsp, salt to taste, lemons 3, rice (boiled) 2tbsp, green chilies 8, lemon grass 2tbsp, Pakistani Chinese salt 1tbsp, black paper powder ½ tbsp, white paper powder 1tbsp, Refined flour with chicken cube1/2 tbsp, oil 1tbsp, soya sauce 2tbsp Ingredients for chicken stock:

Chicken bones as required, bay leaves 2, garlic (not peeled) 2 cloves, Black peppercorns 4, water 6 cups, sesame oil few drops.


Cut green chilies finally down their length. Cut chicken breast pieces into small cubes and press them slightly.

Put chicken bones, water, bay leaves, garlic, black paper and lemon grass in a pot and cook over law flame.

When water is down to 4 cups, remove from flame. Sieve stock, add prepared chicken cube and boil. Add soya sauce, vinegar, refined flour, salt, black paper, white paper and chine’s salt and cook until meat is tender, Put little oil in a frying pan and fry rice and green chilies, sesames oil and lemons.

To make chicken cube flour take1/2 cup refined flour and add 10 packets of chickens cube. Crumble the cubes and mix flour and cubes by hand. Refrigerate.

This mixture and use as required.